Final Words: “be the author of your story”; a story of grief.

Be the author of your story…her last poem

A family vacation fell tragic when my mother in law passed away suddenly. She had a beautiful final day and was surrounded by those that loved her. We rented an amazing cabin with a beautiful private lake and a view that could compete with post cards.

Although, we don’t think she predicted that this would be her final resting place, we soon found breadcrumbs to assume it was meant to be.

Her last several years were full of pain and suffering but her love and Grace was full and radiant. Her name is Daisy.

Found at cabin
These daisies were next to the beautiful angel looking toward this picture.
Glorious beaded angel looking down toward the basket of daisies.
A daisy portrait in the bathroom she used.
The Daisy portrait is next to this larva, caterpillar, butterfly transformation painting.
Window of daisy field

There were countless other “coincidences” to where she chose to succumb to what has ailed her for so long. This brings sadness beyond belief and also joy and comfort.

It is a magical tragedy in which we are all forever changed. As someone who offered a lot of advice, often without the satisfaction of seeing it adopted, her lessons now are huge and she has been able to instill so much of the wisdom she wanted to pass along in life in a mere few days.

If you have someone trying to teach you something, try to stop and really listen. You may get the lesson when it’s too late otherwise.

The experiences we’ve had this week have left a couple skeptics like us in full belief of an afterlife and with no doubt that we will be in a beautiful place regardless of religious beliefs.

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