About Angela

I have been on a life long journey of self-discovery, creating self-love, and discovering the path of learning myself at every endeavor.  My younger years had some roughness, some love and amazing memories woven in there too. It also led to a path of becoming a young mother and wife, which led me to one of the best decisions of my life- joining the Air Force to support my new family.Love pic

I had struggled greatly with self-confidence and self-esteem and the Air Force, while tearing me down in boot camp, also assisted me well in building my confidence back up.  This taste of transformation and new found confidence created a desire to learn and find more for myself in the world of psychology, understanding human dynamics and transformation, and continue finding engaging methods for helping others to attain the same (and more) and has become my true passion in life.

As an Organizational Development Practitioner, Life Coach, and life-long learner I have made it my life’s work to achieve discoveries for others to see their greatest potential. I look forward to our future together!

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