Value of a Veteran

The Value of a Veteran

Dear Hiring Manager,

By the time a veteran is 22, they’ve learned, done, and experienced indescribable things; hardly translatable but they’ll try. They’ll try to say, in their humble and respectful way that they learned leadership lessons most CEOs will never know, they were responsible for more than most CFOs, and ran bigger operations than most COOs while many of their peers and high school friends were still doing bong hits and keg stands in college.

They’ve hopped on buses, jets, aircraft carriers and in tanks to places unknown in pursuit of fulfilling objectives. You’ll want this when expecting tasks and work to get done. These are action oriented people, so if you want to talk about something a lot this should be strategic and useful or the veteran often gets bored with having meetings to have more meetings. You’ll want to use their critical thinking and strategic planning skills, especially when stagnant or fast moving decisions are needed.

Be prepared to be called “Sir” or “Ma’am” and treated with respect and loyalty. You won’t hear “okay boomer”, “why don’t you get someone else to do this”, or “that’s not my job”.

They are fiercely loyal. If your company treats them well, they will be devoted and dedicated for life; it’s their community, not a job.

If this sounds good to you, and it sure as shit should, then consider hiring that veteran. They have degrees on life that they can’t put in the education section of the resume but can use their life knowledge to change your culture and rally teams and teach leadership beyond words.

Oh, and thank a veteran today!

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