Yesterday, I walked the stage for the first time. I hadn’t walked the stage in high school because I had a baby on my hip, they mailed me the paper. I hadn’t walked it for my bachelor’s degree because I was deployed to the desert, they mailed me the paper. I didn’t walk the stage for my master’s because I was stationed out in a remote location, they mailed me the paper. But I made up for all of that in one day. I think my face demonstrates that.

Let’s do this!

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I am on a lifelong journey to love myself and help others go love themselves. During our adventure together we can each become the owner of our unique YOUniverse! I will share what I have learned from a rough beginning, an onslaught of betrayals, a heap of making bad decisions, some great decisions, becoming a teenage mother & wife, joining the Air Force to support my family, and the world of transformation that followed...
Learning opportunities are at every corner want to join me on this journey?


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