How to fall down the stairs the right way.

It’s been some time since I could slow down to reflect, which makes this moment all the more important for me.

I moved to Germany last weekend and it was a full sprint for weeks in order to get to the airport. Quarantine has helped slow to a brisk jog; allowing free thinking again.

We’ve been educated that in Germany, they often build up, not out due to land conversation. This seems very true, as depicted in the picture of what we fondly call “the ladder” that we use to get from floor to floor. It’s efficient in space but left me debating whether I should get up for some warm milk to help me sleep and risk an epic fall which would at minimum leave me in a mangled mess or lay awake blinking.

Well, I’m here now writing with no milk. Instead I decided to Google “How to fall down the stairs the right way”. I’m a problem solver by nature and preemptive strikes are a norm; so figuring I may likely fall down these suckers eventually I want to be ready.

Sure enough Google delivered. Hollywood stuntman Zachary Huber had recently (like last week) shared ways to fall down stairs correctly- what are the odds?! But even more interesting is his first guiding step is to protect your head, followed by the ole tuck-n-roll.

Now, me having a chance to let the brain free a bit- I completely forgot I was actually trying to find ways to avoid that mangled mess. I immediately go stream of conscious into the many times in my life that I’ve fallen down stairs. I started thinking of the times that I protected my head and the times I didn’t. The times there was more of a belly flop into face plant maneuver than a tuck-n-roll. The times when I watched others do the same. All this time thinking “why didn’t I protect my head” or “that could’ve been a tuck-n-roll”; critiquing each way I handled life’s knock-downs.

Then I stopped. I’m was thinking about this from a place of privilege. A place when I’m not falling. I’m a bit unrooted at the moment but certainly not falling. So now how do I fall like a stuntman? That’s where I need to explore.

How do you protect your head when you’re falling? What helps you get into a nice tight tuck-n-roll down those stairs? Inquiring minds want to know.

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“The Ladder”

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