Memorial Day

Throwback to my Honor Guard days

Memorial Day: This is often a very somber time for many, for others it’s a celebration of life. We have the face of relief from a busy schedule to flip burgers and share time with loved ones. And please be mindful that for many, we use today to reflect on the ones we have lost and so many we would love to have one more chance to thank and say goodbye to.

I know that many of my loved ones are thinking about Bryan today, we’re thinking about Amber and the many that have left us way too early. We choose today to honor and celebrate your memory.

#memorialday2020 #memorialday

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I am on a lifelong journey to love myself and help others go love themselves. During our adventure together we can each become the owner of our unique YOUniverse! I will share what I have learned from a rough beginning, an onslaught of betrayals, a heap of making bad decisions, some great decisions, becoming a teenage mother & wife, joining the Air Force to support my family, and the world of transformation that followed...
Learning opportunities are at every corner want to join me on this journey?

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